About us

About Us

We provide accredited bachelor’s degrees in Visual Arts (Single Major), Visual Arts (Double Major) and Visual Arts for Helping Professions.

We also provide follow-up master’s degrees in Teaching Visual Arts at Elementary, Secondary and Art SchoolsTeaching Visual Arts at Secondary School (Double Major) and Visual Arts for the Second Level of Elementary School (Double Major). An important part of the studies at DoAC is the doctoral study in the field of Theory of Visual Arts.

We have also been granted accreditation for performing habilitation and professor appointment procedures.


Bachelor’s degree applicants:

In our studios, you will come across painting, drawing, spatial creation, interdisciplinary creation, video creation, photography, graphic design, as well as performance. It is not just about teaching students to create quality work of art, but above all, teaching them to understand why a particular work of art is good. To easily identify the borderline of kitsch and to be able to share their knowledge and opinions with others. The study includes subjects such as Interpretation of Art, Art History, Gallery Education, Art Intermediation, or Introduction to the Theory of Visual Arts, which develop and strengthen the aforesaid competences. You will experience what it is like to organise an art workshop, as well as “animate” an artwork for the public, children and adults alike, to help you decide whether or not teaching visual arts is the right choice for you.

Those of you more interested in the social studies, who will choose the Visual Arts for Helping Professions, will gain practical experience in various facilities and institutions to provide you with all you need for your prospective future work with clients.

All students complete the studies with a presentation of their bachelor/diploma work at the BDPD exhibition, followed by defence and the final state examination.


Master’s degree applicants:

The follow-up master’s degree study of teaching presumes a clear career choice. You will learn all about the theory of visual arts, master didactic procedures, the basics of psychology and theoretical pedagogy, and test everything out during practical experience in schools. We will continue supporting you in your artwork and its presentation at exhibitions.


Doctoral study applicants:

If your art-education or theoretically oriented project is exceptional enough to capture the attention of the expert committee and your supervisor, the door is open for you. Some students continue to develop and broaden the area they examined in their diploma thesis, other students come up with new topics.

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