Department of Art Education

We are here for students who have an interest in visual art, who like to create and who visit exhibitions, but who do not imagine their life to be solitary, in their own creation behind closed doors. They need to be in contact with other people, they enjoy the company of children and adults alike, they like organisational work and communication.

Personal contact with students is important to us. We believe that creativity can evolve with a good relationship between the teacher and the student that creates a space for the most important knowledge and understanding. We want our students to be active, to put their semestral works on display, to enter the Annual Award of the Head of the Department with their projects, to take trips with us and to see the latest events in the world of art. Also, we want them to learn about the cultural history and the treasures of both Czech and international galleries and museums.

We strive to organise an exhibition of the best works of our students in a prestigious gallery every year. We also organise a public BPDP show of bachelor and master diploma works. We organise a tour abroad at least once per academic year (Paris, Munich, Kassel, Cologne, Amsterdam, Vienna, Dresden…), we support students’ internships abroad. We invite interesting personalities from the world of arts, theoreticians, art teachers and other experts to lecture at our university. We support research projects of our doctoral students that bring interesting events and opportunities also for bachelor and master students.

When studying at DoAC, you can also go on an internship abroad, which is an irreplaceable source of experiences. If you would like to see the universities, with which we contractually cooperate within Erasmus+, click on this map.

Other information can be found, besides on this website, at Facebook.