Department of Physical Education and Sport

The Department of Physical Education and Sport is focused on preparation of future PE teachers and other professionals focused on work with kids, young or adults in the area of physical education and sport.

Educational activities on this department are focused mainly on the cultivation of relationship of students towards the physical education and sport. It is done the way to prepare them for their future professions and to have enough theoretical and practical knowledge (and competences) in the area of psychology and sport ethic. During the professional training, our department’s student are being prepared through various disciplines (often unusual) and they are familiarized with specifics of acquiring movement skills of children and youth.

Our students are also prepared for specifics of sport preparation, human anatomy, and processes, that characterize the function of organs during the heavy load. Students gain insight into the problems of perceiving sport as an important social phenomenon, which is inseparable part of historical development of our society.

Secondary aim of department’s activity is research, in which its members regularly participate on various research projects focused on specific areas of their specialization. Our researchers put great emphasis on way to perform PE by people with handicap, evaluation of physiological and somatic aspects of movement of health oriented fitness among the chosen samples of population, application of didactic technologies and analysis of game performance as a player and referee in sport games.