Foreign Language Centre

Foreign Language Centre (FLC) provides foreign language teaching, consulting, and examination service for all accredited study programmes, mainly to the students of FoE JEPU. The centre’s experienced teachers offer expert service in English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian languages especially for specific purposes of relevant disciplines. The staff utilise students’ linguistic needs offering up-to-date courses adapted to the development of the demand. FLC academics also contribute to numerous university research activities and European project processes enhancing their own career growth.

Many of the FLC language courses are available for international students.

International Students and Language Examination


Languages and Contacts

English Language

  • Zuzana Procházková (Room CN 633)
  • Jaroslava Jelínková (Room CN 636)
  • Vladimír Lorenc (Room CN 633)

German Language

  • Dana Dovhunová (Room CN 637)
  • Martina Nesládková(Room CN 634)

Spanish Language

  • Blanka Zapletalová (Room CN 637)
  • Ernesto Javier Beltrán

French Language

  • Sabine Grégory-Janet (Room CN 634)

Russian Language

  • Blanka Zapletalová Room CN 637)