Department of Czech Language and Literature

The creative and educational activity of the Department lies in the provision of high-quality education in bachelor (Czech Language and Literature, Czech Language and Literature with Focus on Education) and in follow-up master study fields (Czech Language and Literature Elementary and Secondary Education). The Department’s Slavic section provides bachelor study in the field of Business Russian. The Department provides accredited doctoral study in the field of Theory in Education in Czech Studies with focus on the development of interdisciplinary relations between Czech studies and educational fields of study, aimed at teaching Czech language and literature to both native and non-native speakers of Czech, students in Czech and international schools, as well as adults.

The professional orientation of the Department’s members corresponds with the wide range of Czech fields of study: the Department employs experienced university teachers, who are linguists, literary scientists, language and literature teachers, as well as slavicists. In the past five years, the Department’s employees have published more than twenty professional monographs in the field of theory of communication, literary theory and history, lexicology and word formation, language and style in journalism, the phonetics of speeches in media and at school, or teaching Czech at elementary and secondary schools, and they are authors or co-authors of Czech textbooks or related methodological handbooks.


Czech Language for Media and the Public Sphere

The bachelor study in the field of the Czech Language for Media and the Public Sphere (study programme B 7310 Philology) includes a comprehensive professional preparation aimed at the development and broadening of the current knowledge and skills, at acquiring new knowledge and competences, and at acquiring experience required for activity in areas that lay considerably higher demands on employees in the field of spoken and written communication. It is a three-year field of study, completed with the defence of the bachelor thesis and final state examination in the Czech language.

The students learn about the current journalistic activity, they develop their creative abilities and skills in practice, and publish their own texts in the media. They also learn to interpret someone else’s texts, to find the author’s intention as well as semantic potential. Also, they acquire a thorough knowledge of the formal language, stylistic, typographic and information accuracy of text documents. Students also learn various modulations of the vocal characteristics of speech according to the function and situation of a public speech.

Successful graduates who are interested in further studies can continue at one of the other departments in a follow-up master study in a similar field.