Department of Music Education

The Department of Music Education places great emphasis on offering high-quality bachelor's degree programs – single-subject studies, double-subject combinations and music education for assisting professions. These can be followed not only by a double-subject master's degree program but also by doctoral studies.

The department further focuses primarily on artistic, musicological and scientific research activities.The pride and joy of the department is the number of choirs (Girls' Chamber Choir of PF UJEP, Chorea academica, NONA) because choral singing has a strong tradition at our department.

Members of the department primarily specialize in the artistic field, with choir conductors of successful ensembles operating at both national and international levels. They also closely collaborate with music departments in Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Germany, Russia, Ukraine,
the USA, etc.

One of the significant activities of the music education department is the publication of the professional periodical AURA MUSICA. It focuses on music theory, history, and interpretive critique, but primarily music pedagogy. The periodical includes new compositions, choral arrangements, transcriptions, and arrangements of well-utilized and popular repertoire, especially in school settings.

As a workplace with great professional support, the department organizes regular international symposia on choral singing called Cantus Choralis, which has been attended by dozens of choir conductors, educators, and students from the Czech Republic, many European countries and the USA. The department also annually sponsors the competitive festival of choral music, Jirkovský písňovar.