Department of Education and Applied Disciplines

The mission of the Department of Education and Applied Disciplines is to prepare students for highly professional work in the field of education and development of all groups of children, youth and adults, as best as possible, both professionally and morally.

The education activity of the Department focuses on the preparation of future teachers and educators. The applied disciplines focus at increasing the erudition of staff in helping professions. The Department provides education in a series of subjects with focus on the field of education and its application to various social issues, and on the current requirements of the society for students in bachelor and master study programmes.

The scientific and creative work of the Department aims at the area of empirical research of pedagogical phenomena related to the psychological and didactic aspects of managing the educational process.

Another area of activity is oriented to matters related to the preparation of elementary and secondary school teachers, to the standards of the teaching profession and to the issue of cooperation between pedagogical and psychological disciplines with departmental didactics, school funding and economic aspects of education.