Department of English

The Department of English offers applicants interested in English language studies a single-major bachelor study and a study in combination with other subjects (in an educational study programme). Both programmes are drafted to give graduates a wide range of opportunities in fields requiring quality language services and high expertise. They also provide a solid basis for the transfer of bachelor study graduates to the follow-up master study (either single-major, or double-major). The Department provides a full education to future English teachers at the first and second level of elementary schools, not only to its graduates, but also to applicants from other universities with focus on humanities.

The Department professionally focuses on several fields of study – mostly linguistic disciplines, then on an area of cultural studies including literary study, and on professional and research activity in the field of English language didactics. The Department also participates actively in creating textbooks and engages teachers from all over the country in an active professional life. Teachers have the opportunity to participate in the Challenges international conference every year, which has become a high-quality event appreciated outside the Czech Republic.

The list of fields of study and information on admission are available at

The sets of questions for the master study admission procedure corresponds with the state bachelor exams.

Challenges International Conference, 17 October 2019 – 18 October 2019. You can find more information at: